Seminar « Estudios sobre la noche/Night Studies/Études sur la nuit » (21 de octubre 2021)

Cooperation between CISAN-UNAM (México), Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal, McGill (Canada), Institut de Géoarchitecture / IDA-Brest (Francia). Coordination: Edna Hernández González, Alejandro Mercado Celis, Will Straw, Jess Reia, Yolanda Macías and Michaël Spanu.


Cláudia B Rodrigues, “From boom to blackout: rhythmographic grasping of last decade nocturnal Porto”

Abstract: In this seminar I begin to introduce some considerations about the dialectical production of nightlife in the city and its essentials dimensions, plots, narratives and characters. In order to grasp the micro and macro night-space production, I’ve designed the rhythmography, largely inspired in rhythmanalysis (Henry Lefebvre), everyday life critique, and ethnography. The focus is the city of Porto (Portugal), and a party district shaped and boomed in downtown area since 2009, acquiring an expressive role in urban development. The attempt here is to translate micro and macro rhythms produced last decade in this urban space. The systematic work developed in my PhD context (2009-2014) and a fluctuant rhythmography practiced since then, are addressed here, including some issues about pandemic rhythms and nightlife craving/release. 

Practical Information

Access via Zoom:

9AM (CDMX); 10AM (Montreal); 4PM (Francia)

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